Exchanges proposal-summer of 2020

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Adan is 12 years old. He is French

Date of birth: 13/01/2006 

He lives in Plélan-Le-Grand in Brittany (30 km from Rennes) 

His personality: curious, happy, active, polite, sensitive, easygoing, mature.

Adan likes to read, play games, (hang out scooter). He was a member of a local theatre group for some years and has played handball during 3 years.

His mother is a computer engineer and his dad is a technical director.

He has a sister and a brother: Lily, 17, and Noah, 16

His parents are separated, Adan lives a week with his mom and a week with his dad.


Availability to go to Irland : July or august 2020 for 1 or 2 weeks

Availability to receive in France : August 2020 for 1 week or 2 weeks. They will stay at his mother’s home.


Length of stay : 1 or 2weeks


Joséphine is 16 years old

Date of birth: 14/08/2003 

Joséphine lives with her parents, her sister (14 years old) and two brothers (12 years old and 6 years old) in Paimpont in Brittany, located in the heart of the forest of Brocéliande, 30 km from Rennes) 

Her personality: curious, serious, easy-going, mature, caring, calm, tolerant. Joséphine is a bit shy but she likes to laugh!

Her hobbies: She practices volleyball and horse-riding. She loves animals and enjoys DIY activities.

His father is an auditor in a company and her mother is stay-at-home mom.


Date to receive in France: Joséphine and her family can welcome the adolescent during the French holidays : December 2019, February, April, July or august 2020 : for more than two weeks

Date to stay to the country: Joséphine can go to the family on July or August 2020 : more than 2 weeks


Duration : more than 2 weeks


Audrey is 17 years old . She is french

Date of birth: 30/10/2002  

Audrey lives in Martigné-Ferchaud in Brittany near Rennes .

She lives with her parents and her sister Carla, 14 years old)

Her personality: curious, happy, active, polite, easy going, mature, open minded.  She likes sport. She loves to dance, to run, to swim, to go shopping…

Her mother works in a factory and her dad is currently unemployed.


Date to receive in France: Audrey and her family can welcome the adolescent during the french holidays : August 2020, for more than two weeks

Date to stay to the country : Audrey can go to the family from mid july 2020 : for more than two weeks

Duration : more than 2 weeks


Rose is 14 years old. She 's French

Date of birth: 11/10/2005

Rose lives in Martigné-Ferchaud in Brittany near Rennes .

She lives with her parents and her sister  (Adèle, 5) and her brothers (Pierre,16 and, Paul, 9)

Her parents are farmers

Her personality: active, happy, mature, open minded.

She likes swimming and she practices piano

Rose would like to stay in an Irish family during 2/3 months and receive the young Irish person the time she wants



Yann is 15 years old . He is french

Date of birth: 12/07/2002  

Yann lives in Treffendel in Brittany near Rennes .

He lives with his mother and his brother Tony, 12 years old)

His personality: curious, happy, calm, polite, easy going, 

He loves sport (tennis, running, bike)

His mother is a commercial assistant in a company.


Date to receive in France:  Yann and his family can welcome the adolescent during the french holidays : August 2020, 8/12 days

Date to stay to the country : Yann can go to the family the end of june 2020 : 8/12 days

Duration : 8/12 days

Stay in France :

Sara a 13 ans
Date de naissance: 22 janvier 2006
Nationalité: Italienne et anglaise (parents italienne)
Ville: Rossett
Pays: UK
Profession de la maman: Professeur de Italien
Profession du papa: Engineur
Elle a 3 frères et soeurs :
Marco, 11/ Leonardo, 10 / Anna, 7 
Sa personnalité : Curieuse, Joyeuse, Bavarde, Sociable, Serviable, Facile, Tolérante
Sara est une fille joyeuse, elle aime bien découvrir cultures diffèrent, elle est tolérant sociable et curieuse.
Activités/Loisirs : Jouer le piano, nager, badminton
Date pour recevoir en Angleterre: 2 dernières semaines en  Août
Date pour aller en France : Juillet