Our Ambassadors

Barcelone (Spain)

Carol Cabos

Our first ambassador: Carol has been living in Barcelona for over 10 years. Peruvian origin, Carol and Patricia have known each other for 20 years, they were members of an association of international correspondents. And since the arrival of Carol in Barcelona, the proximity allowed them to meet and become friends.

Integrating this association was a no-brainer for Carol who also wants to share this experience of international friendship between children. Carol speaks Spanish and English.

Become Ambassadors !

In order to develop language courses in other countries, we are looking for other Ambassadors. If, like us, you share this desire to help children, if you want to help them learn your language and immerse themselves fully in your country, then join us! Live with us this true human adventure!

The Ambassador is our contact in the host country. It has the role of making regular contact with the young and family to ensure the smooth running of the stay.