The process :


Step 1 : The Registration


1 - I fill in the pre-registration form with my child and / or I contact I Come From for information.


2- My child is contacted by the I Come From team by Skype or by Facetime to exchange with them about their desire to go on exchange.


3 - I then complete with my child the registration file and send it by mail or e-mail (with the rules - see section "fees") and also return the signed general conditions.

I Come From - 17, La Croix des Champs 35380 PLELAN LE GRAND - France


Step 2: Getting in touch



4- The association is looking for a family with a young person of the same age as mine who is interested in making an exchange.


 5- Once the association has found the other family that meets our expectations, they send us the profile of the young person. 


6 - We then give our agreement to make this exchange with the other family (document which will be transmitted by the association) Finally, I Come From puts us in contact with the family.

We will be able to communicate with the other family in the months preceding the exchange of our children.


The commitments of the Association


The Association has a large network and prioritizes in selecting capable Families to properly accommodate your Child.