Why leave?

If your child (aged between 11 and 17) wants to learn another language and wants to immerse him / herself in a host family to facilitate this learning, then do not hesitate to contact I Come From, we will be happy to help them with this exciting new adventure!

5 Good Reasons To Leave

  1. Learn a foreign language
  2. Discover a new culture
  3. Guaranteed personal fulfillment
  4. Another way to learn
  5. Passport to the future

1 - Learning a foreign language

Today, knowledge of a second language is almost indispensable. At school, one usually learns two languages, but often this "knowledge" is not sufficient enough to become fluent. Indeed the best way to practice is the total immersion in the country.


2 - Discovering a new culture

This immersive stay in a country allows your child to integrate into a host family by sharing their daily life and communicating in the native language of the country. It is a unique opportunity to discover the lifestyle, the food and the culture of this country, all in a friendly family atmosphere.


3 - Personal development

Discovering the world, enriching oneself in contact with others, perfecting one's knowledge of a foreign language... all the sources of growth and strength that your child will cultivate. To experience this adventure will give them confidence, they will gain maturity, develop adaptability and awaken their curiosity. Thanks to all these assets, your child is already preparing for his future!


4 - Another way of learning

Learning a language at school is a good thing, but learning more about it in a family way is even better! Your child will spend a warm and friendly time, meet new people, and have no other way than to learn their language to communicate, have fun, and exchange with them.


5 - Passport to the Future

This enriching experience will allow your child to perfect a foreign language and give them an easy way to communicate. This excellent level of language will give them an advantage for the future.


Qualities of the young people

- To be motivated

- To be independent

- To have a strong capacity to adapt

- To be curious

- To be respectful and sociable


Length of stay



The duration of the stay will depend on the option chosen by the young person and the host family. It is possible that it will be a stay during the summer period and / or during the school period. * (See our different services offered)



For any request to stay during the school period, please contact us.

Insurance for the young people

Before leaving it is very important to take out insurance for your child;

Underwriting a personal insurance to cover the transport and stay of the child in the event of any medical expenses, medical repatriation, loss or theft of personal belongings or any other type of incident that may occur during the stay.


For stays in Europe, young people must be in possession of the European health insurance card issued by the Parents' Social Security Fund, with a view to the possible payment of healthcare costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-If I do not like the family, what happens?

First of all, you have to know that the host families are carefully selected by us (application form, visit to the home, many exchanges before the arrival of the young person). If your child does not wish to remain in the family for any reason, we will try to find another family according to availability (and general conditions)


2- What if my child has a health or legal problem?

It will be advisable for you to take the necessary insurance in the event of illness, hospitalization (see "child insurance"). The family that welcomes your child must keep us informed of everything that could happen to your child.